Irrigation sustainability management

Plastic-Puglia is aware that the access to water supplies is one of the most important issues to ensure the economic and social development of a community.

That is why the company is committed, since ever, in the search for innovative solutions to optimize water use, through the development of components and irrigation systems which actually limit the impact on the water use and availability for local communities.

We strongly believe in sustainable management of irrigation and we inform customers about the proper use of our systems so to get an increase into irrigation performance. For instance, a wrong supply management, even by use of micro-irrigation, could generate waste and difformity in the water distribution and fertilizers.

For those reasons, Plastic-Puglia implements an environment sustainability policy based on information activity, training and technical assistance aimed to staff and customers, so to improve professional growth of farmers and the competitiveness of their companies.

We believe that intelligent use of water resources, saving and recycle, are the best ways to understand the development!