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Pressure compensate dripperline (PC), Anti-Siphon, No Drain (AS-ND)

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Pressure compensate dripperline (PC), Anti-Siphon, No Drain (AS-ND)

AQUAPRESS® is the latest generation dripperline with integrated flat emitter, basically equipped with three systems which guarantee functionality and reliability to long-life irrigation systems with slopes and sub-irrigation:

  • Pressure – compensate System (PC): It assures a constant flow-rate depending on the operating pressure (0.55 – 3.50 bar), and thickness;
  • Anti-siphon System (AS): In Sub-irrigation installations it prevents the aspiration of soil particles through dripper outlets;
  • No-Drain System (ND): it avoids the emptying of the dripper when switching off the system cycle work, by keeping it full with water and closing it below 0.25 bar.

When rebooting the system, all outlets simultaneously deliver the same amount of water, ensuring uniformity to plant growth.

Used in: GreenhouseOpen FieldTree crops


  • Turbulent flow labyrinth which reduces the risk of clogging
  • Excellent coefficient of variation (Cv)
  • Extra-flat Dripper to minimize load losses
  • Blue Stripe displays correct laying on the ground
  • High UV resistance
  • Constant or alternate dripper spacing

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