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Pressure compensating dripline with PC AS-ND flat dripper

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Pressure compensating dripline with PC AS-ND flat dripper

AQUAPRESS is the latest generation dripline with pressure compensating flat dripper, equipped with three systems that guarantee functionality and reliability in long-lasting irrigation systems on uneven and sub-irrigated soils.  Pressure compensating system (PC) ensures a constant flow rate when the operating pressure varies (0.50 ÷ 3.50 bar)
  • Anti-siphon system (AS) in sub-irrigation systems, prevents the suction of earth in the dripper when the system is shut down
  • No-drain system (ND) prevents the dripline from emptying by closing the dripper below 0.25 bar. It allows impulse irrigation thanks to the simultaneous opening of all the drippers at a pressure of 0.30 bar
When rebooting the system, all outlets simultaneously deliver the same amount of water, ensuring uniformity to plant growth. AQUAPRESS® is available in Thinwall (ø 16, 20 and 25 mm) and Heavywall (ø 16 and 22mm) versions. Suitable for vineyards, olive groves, tree crops and orchards. Excellent for sub-irrigation and impulse irrigation, in greenhouses and open fields. Also suitable for hedges, flower beds and gardening.

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  • Excellent coefficient of variation (Cv)
  • Wide range of thicknesses, flow rates, diameters and spacings for every drip irrigation need
  • Turbulent flow labyrinth which reduces the risk of clogging
  • Blue stripe to indicate the correct installation upwards on the ground
  • High resistance to UV rays, chemicals and acids used in agriculture
  • Constant or alternate dripper spacing
  • Warranty: 3 years - manufacturing / material defects; 5 years - environmental stress cracking