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Brico Gold-Drip

Heavy wall dripperline in reduced coils

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Heavy wall dripperline in reduced coils

Brico GOLD-DRIP is a black-coloured polyethylene tube, with internally welded cylindrical drippers by pre-ordered constant spacing. Brico GOLD-DRIP dripperline is suitable for long-lasting drip irrigation installation on small and medium-sized crops, plants or garden trees, hedges, balconies, terraces, etc. The product is available in three models according to the physical and morphological characteristics of the soil:
  • Super is the model with a short dripper for flat ground.
  • F6 is the version with six drip outlets for a more uniform water distribution on soils with a contained slopes and a sandy structure.
  • PC model features pressure compensate dripper which guarantees constant flow rate water supply. Its use is particularly recommended where there are strong slopes on the ground.
Also available in brown or white color for better camouflaging on the ground or on the walls of the terraces. The characteristics of the packaging make this product a versatile and practical one, especially for the "DIY" irrigation installations.

Used in: Gardening


  • Raw Materials: Medium density additivated Polyethylene
  • UV-resistant dripper lines to avoid the attack of micro-organisms and moulds, saline water, acids or alkaline solutions normally used in agriculture.

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