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Gold Drip

Heavy wall dripperline with cylindrical dripper

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Heavy wall dripperline with cylindrical dripper

GOLD-DRIP dripperline is a black pipe with a blue stripeon top, made up of turbulent flow self-cleaning dripper’ system, which can be used on flat ground or with strong slopes. GOLD-DRIP is particularly suitable for the installation of irrigation systems on multi-annual cultivations such as vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees, etc. It is also successfully used for irrigation of horticultural and floricultural crops, into green house, open field and ornamental green as hedges, flower-beds, public and private gardens. GOLD-DRIP is available in four models destined to surface and underground irrigation systems, on different types of soils:
  • SUPER is the advanced and economical version, with a short 3-hole dripper, for flat ground.
  • F6 is the 6-hole longer dripper for a more uniform water distribution on soils with a contained slopes and a sandy structure.
  • PC is the 3-hole pressure–compensate short dripper which guarantees constant flow-rate water supply. Recommended for soils with strong slopes.
The wide range of models available, makes GOLD-DRIP a versatile and practical product for the making of "DIY" irrigation systems (BRICO GOLD-DRIP Line).

Used in: GreenhouseOpen FieldTree crops


  • Raw Materials: carefully selected medium density Linear mixed with Polyethylene, to guarantee high quality standard and durability.
  • UV-resistant dripper lines to avoid the attack of micro-organisms and moulds, saline water, acids or alkaline solutions normally used in agriculture.

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