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Matrix configurable

Irrigation controller totally configurable

Matrix configurable

Matrix Configurable is an irrigation controller totally configurable depending on the needs of each installation, allowing the user to design their custom irrigation controller. The start of the different irrigation programs can run for time and/or demand. Irrigation and fertilization is carried out by time and allows the reading of the flow of water and fertilizers. Available in several versions expandable to models without to change or uninstall the equipment. Allows pH control by automatic injection of acid/base and the visualization of the EC incorporating probes card and upgraded code.

Used in: GardeningGreenhouseOpen FieldTree crops


  • Power supply : 12 VDC/ 24 VAC
  • 8 digital inputs
  • Max. number of filters : 9
  • Max. number of injector pumps : 9
  • Max. number of valves: 32
  • Irrigation programs: 24