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Aquadrop Nano

Light dripline with flat ultra compact dripper

Light dripline with flat ultra compact dripper

AQUADROP NANO is a light dripline made of black polyethylene with flat ultra compact dripper ideal for short spacing and long lines. The labyrinth has been designed to create a turbulent flow inside to avoid the formation of dangerous fouling that cause clogging. The small dimensions of Nano emitter along with its curved edge design provide a very low KD factor resulting in extremely low friction losses of water flowing inside the dripline.

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  • Raw Materials: carefully selected medium density linear mixed with Polyethylene, to guarantee high quality standard and durability.
  • Cost efficient, due to its ultra compact design
  • Surface or slightly shallow subsurface installation
  • Perdite di carico ridotte e uniformità di erogazione su lunghe distanze
  • Excellent Coefficient of Variation (CV), less than 5% and far superior to labyrinth tape products, due to the long length of the finely tuned labyrinth
  • Reduced pressure drops and uniform delivery over long distances
  • High resistance to clogging, to UV rays, chemicals and acids used in agriculture
  • Drip tape compliant with UNI EN ISO 9261 standards and certified by the IIP (Italian Institute of Plastics)

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