Plastic Puglia Monopoli azienda prodottrice tubi per irrigazione

The Company

Plastic-Puglia was founded in 1967 thanks to the ingenious idea and the capable entrepreneurial foresight of the Grand Officer, Baron, Mr. Vitantonio Colucci. The founder, by investing important resources from the start, realizes that agriculture would have made a leap forward only by using innovative products. And so it happened: Plastic-Puglia has been revolutioning the traditional techniques used until then.

Plastic Puglia: azienda di produzione di sistemi per l'irrigazione in plastica a Monopoli (BA), Italia

Success comes from a brilliant idea

At the beginning of the 70s, Baron Colucci designed the first polyethylene pipe in the world for agricultural irrigation and water conveyance generally speaking. Over the years, other innovative products have been created: the sheet for the covering of the precious grapes for the table; high and low density PE pipes; The drip irrigation lines and hoses, which have been projecting the company at the highest international summits.

The company

Plastic-Puglia manufactures complete irrigation systems

, up to the latest software for the remote management of the irrigation and ferti-irrigation system.

Today Plastic-Puglia is a world leader in the irrigation domain, with a structure of 100,000 sqm, 8 warehouses, 6 production departments, 35 extrusion lines, an annual production of over 50,000 tonnes of processed raw materials and 150 employees.