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Drip line with continuous labyrinth

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Drip line with continuous labyrinth

AQUATAPE® is a drip line  with continuous labyrinth and double filtration area which, thanks to its close drop points, is particularly suitable for irrigation on very draining soils such as sandy ones. The double filtration area guarantees excellent resistance to clogging over time. AQUATAPE® is used for the irrigation of open fields or into greenhouse, of a variety of cultivations in horticulture and floriculture, The wide range of models available, makes AQUATAPE a versatile and practical product also for the making of DIY irrigation systems (BRICO AQUATAPE Line).

Used in: GreenhouseOpen Field


  • Hose made of black polyethylene with a blue stripe to indicate the laying upwards on the ground
  • Surface or slightly underground installation
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Uniformity of emission and perfect dosage of fertilizers on long irrigated lines
  • Excellent resistance to clogging
  • Linear water outlet prevents the intrusion of the roots and performs the function of anti-reflux.
  • Resistant to mechanized installation
  • High resistance to clogging, UV rays, chemicals and acids used in agriculture
  • Low technological variation coefficient (CV)
  • Drip tape compliant with UNI EN ISO 9261 standards and certified by the IIP (Italian Institute of Plastics)

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