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Ecological seed tray

Ecological seed tray

The ecological polypropylene seed tray is an innovative product introduced on the international market by Plastic-Puglia over the last few years.

The seed tray, consisting of 228 alveolus, is made of rigid, thermoformed plastic and is designed for both horticultural and flower nursery use. The product is suitable for manual or mechanized production processes. It is resistant to shocks and heat, totally recyclable and stackable.

The smooth pyramid-shaped alveolus allow the easy extraction of the clod with the seedling, avoiding damage to the capillary roots, if compared to "old" polystyrene seed trays. The black colour tray is is resistant to ultraviolet sun rays. It has no disposal cost.

Used in: Nursery


  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Shock and heat proof
  • External size (mm): 525 x 335 x 60
  • Total weight (gr): 1000
  • Number of alveolus: 228 (19 × 12)
  • Shape: truncated pyramid with a square base (mm) 23 × 23
  • Interaxis alveolus (mm): 27
  • Alveolus volume (cm3): 19

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